Vermeer's Maps

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A convergence of art and science, maps occupied a complex and exalted place in the Netherlands in the seventeenth century and were of particular interest to Johannes Vermeer (1632–1675). Of the approximately thirty-four paintings attributed to the Delft-based artist, wall maps and other cartographic objects are depicted in nine of them, including the Frick’s renowned Officer and Laughing Girl. With stunning reproductions and incisive text, this book is the most comprehensive study of the artist’s depictions of wall maps to date. Vermeer’s Maps explores this intriguing aspect of Vermeer’s work and greatly enriches our understanding of the enigmatic artist who became known as the “Sphinx of Delft.”

Vermeer’s Maps . . . digs into the maps’ technical histories and political implications . . . [pointing] out that such a study is possible only because of the peculiar—indeed, singular—care he took in their depiction.” —“Vermeer’s Revelations,” Susan Tallman, The Atlantic, April 17, 2023 

Author: Rozemarijn Landsman

Publisher: The Frick Collection in association with DelMonico Books/D.A.P. New York

Hardcover, 7 1/4 x 9 3/4 in., 128 pages, 68 color illustrations