The Scher Collection of Commemorative Medals

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The Stephen K. and Janie Woo Scher Collection, a significant portion of which has gone to The Frick Collection as an initial and promised gift, is considered the world’s greatest private collection of portrait medals, rivaling many collections in international museums. This fully illustrated catalogue documenting the Scher Collection is an essential resource for scholars, students, collectors, and curators.

Portrait medals were developed during the Italian Renaissance and are central to the history of European portraiture, flourishing as an art form through the nineteenth century and into the twentieth century. Though less familiar to us now than painting and sculpture, these exquisitely crafted objects, typically made from lead, bronze, silver, or gold, were produced (sometimes in large numbers) to commemorate individuals, to acknowledge special events, and to disseminate the identity and power of their sitters. The study of the portrait medal has become, through& the work of Stephen Scher and others, a burgeoning area of scholarship. Excellent reproductions of all medals at actual size, with details of obverse, reverse, and full captions, are accompanied by scholarly essays, notable facts, and historical references in this important new volume.

Essays by Christopher Eimer, Martin Hirsch, Mark Jones, Jan Pelsdonk, Marie-Astrid Pelsdonk, Ulrich Pfisterer, and Stephen K. Scher; entries by Walter Cupperi, Alessandra Di Croce, Arne Flaten, Emma Merkling, Carolyn Miner, Aimee Ng, Marie-Astrid Pelsdonk, and Stephen K. Scher; and artist biographies by Emma Merkling, Stephen K. Scher, and Davide Stefanacci.

Authors: Edited by Stephen K. Scher with the assistance of Aimee Ng

Publisher: The Frick Collection in association with D Giles Limited

Hardcover, 9 x 12 in., 656 pages, 1842 color illustrations

ISBN: 9781907804878

Online Supplement: Heraldry in Scher Collection Medals
This online supplement lists the heraldic achievements, or coats of arms, that are found on the medals and includes a brief introduction to the subject of heraldry by Stephen K. Scher, a glossary, and a selected bibliography.